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[Jester's Trek] Quote of the Week: Tomorrow Never Lies

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Posted 20 August 2012 - 06:32 PM

I had intended that this week's QOTW be from the CSM Town Hall meeting on Saturday.  And I probably will do a secondary QOTW from it; the problem is I haven't listened to it yet.  But when I read this, I started laughing enough that it's hard to believe that something in the Town Hall will match it:
We acknowledge the inherent awkwardness of our current position, creating news with the one hand and reporting on it with the other.  We will attempt to be as unbiased as possible when posting here; compare the style of internal-CFC broadcasts (frothing) to our posting on the site.Perhaps the most under-rated James Bond movie ever deals with the subject of a media baron who, as Roger Ebert put it, "likes to write headlines and design front pages in advance of big news events, and then make them happen."  It might be exaggerating -- slightly -- to characterize The Mittani as a Bond villain.(1)  Still, the parallel with the flick is unavoidable, and it's hard not to laugh at EVE life imitating art.

After all, the problem that Jonathan Carver -- the Bond villian in question -- had was that it's hard to launch a new element of a media empire and get the requisite ratings if there's very little news to cover.  In real life, the ratings of news channels goes way way up when there's a major even to report on.  And launching a EVE news site in the midst of EVE's traditional summer slump is certainly going to be a bummer on the website ratings.

EVE is real, indeed.

Anyway, if you haven't guessed it by now, the QOTW honors go to themittani.com's coverage of the CFC's invasion of Tribute and the coming purge of NCdot tech moons there.  Ironically enough, I hardly need to cover that topic at all.  I've pretty much already said what I needed to say about the invasion itself.  The CFC had been claiming that they were just intending to capture the tech moons and were going to leave NCdot sov alone, deploying SBUs for "harassment" purposes only.  But if you believe that, I've got several nice 0.0 systems that I'll let you bear in.  Just let me light a cyno for your jump freighters.  The only surprise is that instead of going straight to H-W9TY and breaking NCdot's back, the CFC has apparently elected to go after NCdot pets first.  That might extend the war another week or two beyond what Delve took...

...and you know, it might not be tin-foil hattery to imagine that's the whole idea.  If the point is giving the CFC something to do, then a nice slow war that takes a little while might actually be what they're after.  It'd certainly help the website ratings, amirite?  Guess we'll see.  In the meantime, watch the news.  ;-)

(1) For one thing, he lacks the requisite lap cat, which I'm sure his dog would eat.


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