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Posted 16 August 2012 - 03:21 PM

Just a quickie.

Back in late April when tech was at its OTEC maximum, I calculated that by value tech made up 70% of a Hulk's build cost.  Now that tech is 100k ISK per unit instead of 200k, that is no longer the case.

The new figure is 54%.  It's lower, but the tech in a Hulk is still worth more than everything else in a Hulk... combined.

For this not to be the case, technetium needs to fall to a sustained price of 80k ISK per unit, assuming all other factors remain relatively equal.  That would drive the value proportion of tech in a Hulk to 49%.  And that assumes that you only want one compound to be the major factor deciding the price of every tech 2 item in the game.  Alchemy doesn't fix that.  Ring mining doesn't fix that.  That part is going to require a major effort by CCP to rework virtually every T2 production chain in the game.

The only thing that making tech cheaper and more commonplace can do is slowly drive it from "the most important item needed" to "a major item that's needed."  Like tritanium.  Tritanium remains the second-most needed material to build a Hulk (and virtually everything else).

Just in case you were curious.

EDIT (16/Aug/2012): Oh!  And thanks to Two step for (correctly) pointing out that that 70% number needed a refresh.


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