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[Jester's Trek] Comment of the week: Nerfs

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Posted 16 August 2012 - 01:41 PM

So far, while several CSM members have been grumbling into their coffee in my general direction, only Two step has been courageous enough to respond directly to my post yesterday.  Unfortunately, his response is rather... well... you read it:
Uh, supers already got nerfed. From what I hear, they are being used a lot less in nullsec (the big fight yesterday was the first major super loss in a *long* time).

I think the minutes didn't capture our desire for tech to be nerfed properly. It came up several times, and as you can see, CCP did manage to get to it well before the winter...
My response:
Sigh. Very slowly, then: the problem with supers isn't whether they get used or whether they don't get used. The problem with them is that they're freakin' impossible to blow up unless you have "16 or 17 Titans." Hint: that is a problem.

More succinctly: the problem with supers is that they get produced in large numbers but die in tiny numbers. And since only a small fraction of the EVE player base can afford the freakin' things, those players amass great personal fleets of them. This needs to get fixed, and the CSM needs to help CCP find the fix.

In a game that needs more conflict drivers, describing alchemy as a "nerf" for tech is rather ridiculous. It's worse than a nerf: it's the equivalent of a NASCAR yellow flag, making tech moons not really worth fighting for. In the meantime, everyone keeps driving but nobody passes. The incredible bank of these things just keeps going to the same dudes.

Again, very slowly: Tech at 100k per unit is the exact price tech was at prior to OTEC... you know, when tech was just ridiculously overpriced and over-needed instead of hilariously, ludicrously, incredibly overpriced and over-needed. Guess what: a Hulk is still 70% tech, even with alchemy.

Why the CSM can't see these things is a mystery to me.

I also find it difficult to believe that the CSM's need to see tech nerfed wasn't captured in 165 pages and only the gods know how many back-and-forth updates.
Thanks for responding, Two step, and thank you even more for having the courage to beard the lion in its den so to speak, but damn man: a stronger response.  Please.  Put it on your blog if you want to, but these are major issues that need to be responded to.  Now.

As for the rest of the CSM, same same.  You more important members have blogs.  Use them!  We're supposed to be having a town hall.  Have one!  Where is this famous "increased communication" that we were promised?  So far, you guys can't even equal CSM6's record in this regard, and CSM6's record was sad.

EDIT (16/Aug/2012): I missed it, but the CSM is having a Town Hall.   Which I can't make, because I already have a commitment for this Saturday.  Sigh.  More than three days warning would be nice.


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Posted 16 August 2012 - 03:09 PM

Funny....seems to ignore the fact that we killed 15 Supercarriers.
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The opinions reflected in the above poast do not matter. The poaster in question is, in fact, a pubbie sperglord dirty wanker who is currently using his time away from EVE to vigorously pump at the shaft of his *squee* until *squee* comes shooting out all over ______________'s face.

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Posted 16 August 2012 - 03:41 PM

He did say "The problem with them is that they're freakin' impossible to blow up unless you have "16 or 17 Titans." Hint: that is a problem." ...

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Posted 16 August 2012 - 03:55 PM

Funny....seems to ignore the fact that we killed 15 Supercarriers.

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