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[Jester's Trek] Quote of the Week: I broke EVE

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Posted 13 August 2012 - 10:38 PM

Again, I'm not doing my job with this feature unless I pick this one for QOTW (edited slightly):
It's me.  I broke EvE.  TL;DR: I got rich and forced CCP to change their bad game design.This week's quote comes from FHC member Postradamus, who was good enough to explain, in detail, why CCP Sreegs was forced to put out this dev blog.  As I said on Thursday, there's nearly always some mechanic within EVE that you can abuse for massive profit, and Postradamus just discovered a new one and took advantage of it.

The full post is definitely worth your time, but as is my custom, I'll summarize.

According to Postradamus, there is a particular COSMOS mission in a 0.5 system that contains nine rooms.  Each of the nine rooms spawns a rat battleship and cruiser on a schedule frequent enough to make 5 million ISK/hour per room.  Using drone aggression mechanics, Postradamus worked out a means to AFK farm these nine rooms with a pair of Dominixes per room.  Each ship in the pair used sentry drones (repped up by the Domis themselves) at a specific distance from the other ship in the pair to manage aggression and tracking issues.  The ships could do their work without human intervention.  As a result, using this system, he was making some 29 billion ISK/month AFK farming these nine rooms.

Later, finding the actual work part of the equation boring, he then farmed out the process to nine "renters" and taxed the proceeds.  According to him, this went on for about a year during which time he made 9.6 billion ISK/month doing nearly nothing.

It's a glorious demonstration of EVE emergent game play, and yet another example of the lengths that EVE players will go to to avoid EVE's sub-par PvE.  CCP will "fix" this "abuse", maybe or maybe not understanding that they're fixing a symptom of the problem instead of the cause (EVE PvE is boring).  Even more amusing is the note in the post indicating that a GM thought he had encountered bots and banned all the accounts involved.  CCP only learned how this mechanic worked when Postradamus explained that he was not botting (as such) and how his mechanic worked.

Kudos, Postradamus!  And as promised, I'll be continuing the discussion of the interaction between EVE players and ISK in the next few days.


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