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[Jester's Trek] Comment of the Week: The big picture

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Posted 10 August 2012 - 08:32 PM

Fluffy Hyena knocks it out of the park with this comment on my IQ test post from earlier today:
The problem is that CCP does not so much "design the game" as design bits of the games without thinking about the whole of the game (the points you've made throughout your post are proofs of that).

Reading the dev blogs or the CSM minutes, I always get the impression that nobody in CCP is taking a look at the whole game to say this is how it all fits together.

Yes CCP Unifex, I'm looking at you.Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.  Well said, Fluffy Hyena!  That said, there are indications that CCP Unifex does think about the game in this regard.  If you haven't read this interview with him, you really should.  He probably just hasn't had a lot of time yet to implement much around the big picture.

More about that post in a few minutes.


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