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[Jester's Trek] Friction war

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Posted 10 August 2012 - 08:55 PM

Couple of quick notes about my IQ test post from earlier today.

First, I've had a number of people accuse me of screwing up their money-maker.  Please.  ;-)  It's going to be quite a while before CCP addresses this issue, even assuming that they wish to do so.  More on that in a second.  But even if they wanted to address this issue today, how do they do it?  That requires time, thought, game design, and programming, things that won't happen overnight.  It took weeks to correct obvious, glaring problems with high-sec incursions even when CCP knew those problems existed.  Then it took weeks to re-fix them when the first fix didn't work properly.

So yeah, don't worry: your money-maker is safe.

And that assumes that CCP even considers it a money-maker.  Remember, Loyalty Points are an ISK sink, not a faucet.  Those that understand this mechanic can move on to the next paragraph.  Faucets in EVE generate ISK "out of nowhere".  Sinks return that ISK "to nowhere".  When you are paid bounty on a rat, that is a faucet because the ISK wasn't in the wallet of another player.  It's just ISK generated by the game.  LP are a sink because virtually every item bought with LP also requires a substantial ISK payout.  This ISK doesn't go into another player's wallet.  It just vanishes.

CCP in general and Dr. EyjoG in particular have been bemoaning the fact that there is too much ISK in the game for quite some time which is why you're seeing an increasing number of sinks in the game.  The recent addition of the need to purchase data-cores for ISK is a good example.  So I find it very easy to believe that CCP understands how this "LP faucet" works and they want this in play for a while to remove a substantial amount of ISK from the EVE economy.

So that's another reason your money-maker is probably safe.

Even if CCP turned this particular money-maker off tomorrow, though, no need to fret: another equally good money-maker will be along soon.  FW LP is not the first such "gloriously irrational" game design choice resulting in untold player riches and it definitely won't be the last.

Second, I've heard some interesting comments about how this side or that will obviously just "prevent" this sort of farming.  There are two sides, right?  Let's go to commenter and faction warrior Simyaldee, who sums up my response admirably:
Plex Farmers are plexing these systems practically non stop throughout the day. This means that us ACTUAL FW players can't defensive plex anymore because we have no idea how deep the plexing is. Its gotten so bad, people are setting up their own alt corps in opposing militias to bust the bunkers, because its easier (and more profitable) to just replex the system and bust the bunker than it is to actively defend the system. In other words, if you can't beat them, join them.  It turns out that players in all four factions like ISK and most aren't role-players.  If they can't make ISK with one faction, setting up an Incursus alt is so simple and requires so little time and commitment that there's absolutely no reason not to have one per faction if you're at all inclined to do so.  As one side of any of the four approaches higher tiers, just slip into that faction's alt and farm yourself up some LP, then cash out when that side decides to push to tier 5 for an hour or two.  Easy.  Good comment, Simyaldee!

And thanks to everyone else who's commented on that post so far!


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